About Dr. Barclay





Profile: Analytics Executive | University Professor | Published Researcher

I lead exemplary teams of analysts and data scientists as we solve complex business problems, help the data tell its story effectively, and convert actionable insights into business outcomes. Bringing best practice on analytical maturity and integration with corporate strategy to bear, the ‘so what’ we uncover directly impacts enterprise value lever performance and return on investment.

Points of Personal Differentiation:
– Certified Analytics Professional® the premier global professional certification for analytics practitioners
– Advanced training and deep understanding of how organizations create value
– Proven ability to provide insightful analysis that supports enterprise strategy and decision making
– Demonstrated expertise melding data and value creation to fully leverage competitive advantage

Results-Oriented Accomplishments:
– Championed enterprise culture of experimentation through programmatic initiative measurement
– Combined predictive and classification modeling to deploy customer hyper-segmentation
– Added 1% incremental enterprise revenue using data to enable precision engagement

Personal Leadership Brand:
I value excellence and empathy for the inspiration they bring and lessons they teach. And as a practitioner of servant leadership I serve others as a trusted adviser and a giving, caring, catalyst.


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